Do you know how to use 185 money making headlines?

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This is a great post about money-making headlines (ready to use). It’s premium content, however, I would like to give you 3 amazing headlines for free.

With these headlines you can write sales pages, blog posts, emails and much more. You only need to use your imagination!

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Your three headlines are:

  1. Yes You Can {insert your benefit here} With Our System… It’s So Easy A Child Could Do it!
  2. Want To {insert your benefit here}? We Got Ya Covered!
  3. {insert your benefit here} in {insert your time frame here} While You Sleep – Our Proven System Will Do The Work!

How to use these headlines:

You have to determine a benefit of your product, and replace the content between { }. For example for the headline 2.

Benefit: lose fat with 5 minutes of easy cardio

Then, your headline will be:

Want To Lose Fat With 5 Minutes Of Easy Cardio? We Got Ya Covered!

It’s very easy! For example for the number 3.

Benefit: increase your income by 10x
Time frame: 45 days

Then, your headline will be:

Increase Your Income By 10X In 45 Days While You Sleep – Our Proven System Will Do The Work!

Now you have 3 headline templates, and you have unlimited possibilities to create great headlines in any niche/vertical! Enjoy them!

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